Informed Consent

In this study you will fill out a questionnaire regarding belief systems, a Locus of Control and anxiety. If you feel any discomfort or would like to discontinue the questionnaire at any time, please feel free to exit the questionnaire. If you do not want your results submitted, there is no penalty for ending the questionnaire.  Information given will remain confidential and will not be associated with your name in any way. The questionnaire should take approximately 20 minutes. The results found from this study will be publicly accessible. If you have any questions concerning the questionnaire please contact us through email: Emilee Greathouse at, Nicholas Girdler at, or the faculty supervisors, Dr. Sandra Collins at or Dr. John Krantz at If you have any question or concerns about your rights as a participant that have not been covered by the researchers, you may contact the Institutional Review Board Chair, Dr. Dean Jacks at

Your participation is solicited, yet strictly voluntary.  All information will be kept confidential and your name will not be associated with any research findings.

By clicking here, you are freely choosing to participate in this study.