Informed Consent

This research is being conducted by Carrie Burkhardt and Lauron Haney, students in Psychology 401 at Hanover College. The entire study will not take more than half an hour. There are no known risks involved in being in this study, beyond those of everyday life. This survey will include demographic questions, a hypothetical situation, and an Implicit Association Test (IAT), which is designed to examine unconscious beliefs. In this IAT, you will be asked to sort images and words relating to disabilities into their respective categories as quickly as possible. Following the completion of these questions, you will be debriefed. All materials will remain anonymous and confidential.

If you have any questions after the study, please contact Carrie Burkhardt at or Lauron Haney at You can also contact our research supervisor, Ellen Altermatt, at or the chair of the Hanover College IRB, Bill Altermatt, at if you have any questions or concerns.
Participation in this study is voluntary. Refusing to participate or ceasing to participate at any time will involve no penalty.