Informed Consent Form

This research is being conducted by Stephanie G. Collins and Katherine T. Hanslits, two senior psychology majors at Hanover College. The experiment in which you are asked to participate is designed to examine parenting styles, so we will survey you about your parenting practices. Also, we will ask some basic questions about your personal habits. We will ask a few demographics questions, including sex, race, and age. After you complete the survey, you will be debriefed.

The entire experiment will not take more than 30 minutes. However, the experiment will take as long as it takes you to fill out the surveys. There are no known risks involved in being in this study, beyond those of everyday life. Your name will not be associated with the response that you give. This experiment is completely anonymous. If you have any questions about the experiment, do not hesitate to ask either before or after the experiment.

The researchers can be reached by e-mail: or You are also welcome to send comments or questions to our advisor, Dr. John Krantz, Professor of Psychology at Hanover College. He can be reached by e-mail at I acknowledge that I am participating in this study of my own free will. I understand that I may discontinue the experiment at anytime. If I wish, I may print out a copy of this consent form.