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John H. Krantz, Ph.D., Hanover College

Updated to Version 0.0.8 May 4, 2012 (see Updates)



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This applet will assist you in building survey to run on the web. 

Here are very brief instructions on its use:

  • Start by clicking the Start Form button to add the title of the survey and the short title which will be used to create the file that will hold the question.  In addition you will need to:
    • Input the server that hosts your data collection script (this is not necessarily the same as the server for your survey).  The server name should end with a forward slash '/'.
    • Input the path from the server root to your script - usually 'cgi-bin/'.  The path should end but not begin with a forward slash '/'.
    • Input the name of your data collection script. 
    • Input the path from the machine root to where you will locate your data file. (The data file will name the name: shorttitle.csv.  It will be in a comma separated format readable by Excel, OpenOffice Calc, SPSS and other related programs).
    • Input the web address (URL) for the thank you or debriefing page.
    • Note on default values.
  • Add Text allows you to add any text such as instructions to your page at any point. 
  • Divider puts a horizontal line in your page.
  • Add Page allows you to split your survey into multiple pages. This button puts in a page break.
  • The Select menu  allows you do do the following options
    • Show HTML shows the code you have generated.  To get your file, select the entire text and copy it to a text editor such as Notepad to save.  If you use Notepad, remember to change the ending of the file to .htm or .html
    • Show Build File shows the survey build code.  If you wish to stop part way done, show this code, copy and paste it to a text file.  Any extension is fine, but .sbr is preferred.
    • Paste Build File.  If you have a build file, you can load it back into the program by using this option and pasting the text from your file into this window.  You can then add new questions from where you left off.
    • Show Variable Names. If you wish to set the variable names generated by the program in a way that can be used as the headerline for your data file.
  • The question types are listed below these top button.  Pressing a button opens a dialog window to help you create the question.  If you press the wrong question type, just press the Skip button.
  • The Visual Analog Scale require JavaScript. It also requires an additional download.  Check this page for instructions and to download the file.
  • Preview will allow you to preview the survey.  If using SurveyBuildR as an applet, the network is involved.  If you do not see what you think you ought to see, press the button a second time.  It might be a network issue.
  • SurveyBuildR is designed to work with this Perl script written by William Schmidt.
  • You can also run SurveyBuildR as an application.  Check here to download the file.  The program is almost identical, but it does have some easier file handling.
  • See the help pages for a more complete description of the program (in development).

Start SurveyBuildR (Your browser should be at least 800 x 600 pixels).

This program should be considered version 0.0.8.


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